Medical Massage Therapy

Peak Performance Chiropractic & Wellness now offers Medical Massage Therapy. Medical massage uses various massage techniques already in practice to achieve client-specific goals. Whether you are seeking massage treatments for general relaxation and stress relief, or to target certain areas of chronic pain, our therapists have a variety of techniques and modalities to suit your needs.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

-Pain Management
-Stress Relief
-Increased Circulation
-Headache/Migraine Relief
-Lower Back Pain Relief
-Increases Overall Self-Awareness
-Chronic Pain Relief
-Improved Joint Function
-Increased Lymph Circulation
-Stretches muscles, ligaments & tendons

30 minute massage $45
60 minute massage $75
90 minute massage $105

60min hot stone massage $90
90min hot stone massage $120

Rebook Rate: If you schedule your next massage the same day you will receive $5 off your next massage.
We accept New York State No Fault with a script from a chiropractor or MD

CBD Massage Oil Add on
Analgesic Massage Oils provide massage therapists with an entirely new class of products for treating patients with discomfort and pain. These are the first FDA-registered massage oils, the first to combine topical analgesics with CBD.
Level 2- $10 per 1oz –Formulated with organic Jojoba seed oil infused with Menthol 8% (active ingredients), and CBD- rich hemp oil, essential oils. This product is more for moderate musculoskeletal pain.
Level 3- $15per 1oz – Formulated with organic Jojoba seed oil infused with Menthol 15% and Camphor 5% (active ingredients), and CBD-rich hemp oil. This product is for severe musculoskeletal pain.